Music, Swords and Magic...

I want to thank all the persons who helped me putting this website toghether and thought they deserve at least one whole page so let it be this one. To be totaly fair, I also used some scrpits here and there and some online tutorial were very helpfull for me. So, I also list the online resources I used on this webpage... Hope it helps!

Friends & Buddies

Before anyone else, I especially want to thank the first people I bothered with the weird idea of making a website on my own. Vincent M., Shutan, Maëva, David, Edo, Iana, Yann and Danièle are the ones who had to witness my first lame attempts at making a website. David, Yann and Edo, in particular gave me very helpful advices and sometimes spent a significant amount of time to teach me. Claude and Marine P. are old friends of mine who support me in whatever I do or go through since many years and this website was no exception.

I also want to thank some people like MyriaM who very friendly linked me on her website, Marine R. who also linked me as soon as she heard of this website and Wessel for a very interesting discussion who opened my eyes about the endless possibilities of css files.

I can't forget Peter, Andy, Iana and Tom who show a remarkable patience while hunting down some of my English mistakes.

Since the main purpose of this website is still sharing my music, I want to mention some of the friends who helped me becoming the musician I am: Vincent B., Dédé, Yann -I know, it's no fair, this guy is cited three times but he deserves it-, Didier and all the members of Ildewindail: Pierre-Yves, Brice, David, Vinciane & Alix... I actually lost contact with some of you guys and, if your road ever crosses this website, I hope you'll like what you can hear here.

I'll have a final word to thank all my friends who didn't directly contribute to this website but were by my side all those years long when I needed them. You know who you are/aren't...

NB: Whoever I forgot, send me your angry insults via e-mail and, if we're still friends after a couple of angry arguments, I'll correct my shameful mistake.

Online resources

A nice internet tool I used for my website some time ago. I still have some of my music on some of the playlist so I guess it's fair to cite them.

Here is the new 'radioblog' type of streaming online radio I'm using. You can upload your own mp3 and there's a 'smart research' function.

Easy to install and to set up, NewsleTux is the php tool I used in this website for my newsletter. I have to admit that I only use a small part of its capacities because it offers a real administration interface for several newletters.

This website is a real golden nugget! I found there some of the best tutorials about website creation, use of css or php... Only one drawback: this website is in French.

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