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Recipe for Tagliatelles with Salmon

tasty salmon with tagliatelles Ingredients for 2 hungry lads:


wash the tomatoes cut the tomatoes This one is a very simple, yet really good, recipe. I'm kind of addicted to salmon and I have a whole bunch of recipes using this fish (raw as a sushi or maki, smoked with goat cheese on toasts, 'en papillote' in the oven...). However, when I don't have much time, this recipe is the one I use. Actually, the very first step is the one which may require the use of a battle axe. Take the cherry tomatoes, wash them and cut them in halves. Here I used a mere knife but I heard from a friend that a chain-saw can also do the trick... It's all up to you!

cut the smoked salmon Before, moving forward, you can add some smoked salmon to the recipe. It this case, slice it as show in the picture on the right. However, that's not really needed for the recipe to be complete. I told you, I'm just as freakin' salmon addict. For the record, you can also use small shrimps that you fry instead.
Now, the recipe really starts: we are going to cook the fish... Shouldn't be too hard. Still be careful to be gentle with the salmon and not too cook it too much. Actually, you should use a frying pan with a fairly low fire and just let the piece of salmon about two minutes on each side. As you can see on the pictures, when it starts to be cooked enough to be easily cut into pieces with spatula, do so and switch off your fire. The salmon will finish cooking at a later stage of the recipe. For now, put it on a plate and make sure your cat is locked in another room.
that's a beautiful piece of salmoncook itcut it into piecescut it into more pieces

Now, I'm going to assume that you are able to assume that you're able to prepare some pastas without particular recommendations... it should be ok, right ?
Fine, so while your water is warming up for the pasta (no picture for this sorry ^^), use a deep frying pan or a wok and put you creme fraiche into it. Let it slowly turn into a liquid with a very gentle fire and add the tomatoes. Now, you just have to wait for 5 or ten minutes and you can add various herbs (I suggest basilicum or oregano but it's up to you again). By now the tomatoes should have melted (that's probably not the proper english word, I know, but I hope you get the idea) and you can add your salmon to your preparation.
put the cream into a wokadd the tomatoesadd the herbsadd the fish

enjoy your meal About 3-4 more minutes and what's in the wok should be perfectly ready (and smell good). If my assumption that you are able to prepare pastas on your own was correct, I suppose they should also be ready by now. So, you are just left with:
- placing your pastas on your plate
- placing the salmon with its tomato sauce on the top of it
- and, according to your taste, add a touch of parmesan cheese
It should look pretty close to the picture on the right and now, I don't have anything else to do but to wish you to enjoy your meal!

Soon, again

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