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The following list is a compilation the music I recorded and mixed with my guitar and/or virtual instruments. Most of this creations are the exclusive property of Goulven G. Laruelle.
Note that a few of the musics available on the general music page are not for download here for copyright reasons.


I've been a heavy metal fan since I was 16 or so. I still remember the first cd I bought with my own money: Piece of Mind from Iron Maiden. I got my first guitar shortly after and I was covering Metallica, Maiden, Scorpions or UFO only a couple of years later. Not only, I am a heavy metal fan, but I'm an old school one! Luckily, I'm not that narrow minded. Quite far from it actually, I enjoy almost all kind of musics and I often try to add my guitar into the mix. My music ends up being stronlgly influence by all these and overture is a good example of that. However, I rarely say no to a good old blues or even a jazzy tune from time to time.

Overture (2007) 1'54"

Jingle Blues (2007) 3'13"

Gargoyle's Blues (2005) 2'10"

MP-01 (2004) 2'22"

Shame and Sorrow (2009) 2'08"

Guitarless Instrumentals

I love bands like Blind Guardians because of the depth of their arrangements, Savatage for their classy power metal with a piano in the middle of the mix and I enjoy many symphonic/metal combinaisons. I also allways loved the powerfull sound of church organs (and I still remember my days in Liege when I could listen Pierre Tymus practice in the Cathedral St Pierre). All of that lead me to study more and more 'classical' music. Understand classical in the broadest sense here because I enjoy some baroque pieces from Bach or Vivaldi just as much as the much more recent Rite of Spring from Stravinsky. Anyway, I like to compose various orchestral pieces with virtual instruments (since the whole symphonic orchestra doesn't fit in my appartment)... I still have much to learn but I have fun doing so!

Allegretto for Maëva (2007) 1'54"

Xenodios (2006) 1'39"

Tenshi (2004) 2'51"

Neige (2004) 2'19"

Adagio (2003) 2'58"

Elethiel (2003) 2'18"

Noël (2002) 3'11"


I really enjoy doing covers every now and then. I think it's really nice to find the proper balance between respecting the original tune and adding your own feel to it. Lately, I found the following french website organizing some kind of cover contest and I like to submit musics when I can find the time. Pink Panther Theme (2009) 2'36"

Fade to Black - Metallica (2007) 2'48"

Vampire - Ildewindail (2005) 6'11"

Coming soon... first album: Bits and Pieces! It won't be for sale, it won't be distributed but it will be a selection of music I will re-mix and re-master for the occasion and upload on websites such as Jamendo. For now, you can already enjoy the cover my friend Mischiev made for me:
Bits and Pieces cover

Feel free to leave my a comment about any of these musics if you like. I'll read them with care.

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