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Here is a compilation of various website I really like. Some are websites of friends, some of artists I admire (sometimes both at the time ^^). I'll seldom add new stuff here to share with you my interests and, hopefully, help you discover things you'll like. For this reason, I'll try to make sure this page doesn't become and endless list of random sites but rather a selection of internet places I truly enjoy would like to let you discover.

Drawing / Painting

This is the website of my friend Maëva. She is in my opinion a particularly gifted illustrator and I hope you will enjoy her art as much as I do.

Here is Maliki's webcomic! Every Tuesday comes a new short story. Often funny, sometimes touching, that's a website I really enjoy. (website in French)

Much more than just a drawing gallery, find here all kind of graphic arts including digital scapbooking, the latest passion of MyriaM.

This is the website of Marine (another friend of mine) and she puts a lot of efforts into her website so that it looks like a sweat and welcoming place.

Another particularly talented French artist. I really like the way she draws and the way her style now evolves. Worth having a look...

Actually, what I liked most among Bory's work is one of her fanzines I got the chance to buy during a convention. However, the whole site is worth a look!

I really like the style of Buninou because I'm really fond of her way of drawing characters. There's a whole bunch of handsome pics on this website !

It's not the size of the banner that matters... Check out Nadou's blog. In French but with beautifull illustrations.

There aren't so many german mangaka who also enjoy sword fighting and I've been lucky enough to meet one... Have a look at her "Losing Neverland".


I guess it would be hard not to mention my favorite band... and also the best band I ever saw live. I'm a fan, I don't pretend to be objective. ^^

I suppose I can't just make the exhaustive list of all my favorite bands so if I only have to select two, blind guardian will be the second one.

This is the website of my first band in France: Ildewindail. Not so much content but great memories for me ! (website in French)

Ranging from folk-pop to reggae, this group of decapods is about to heal me from my phobia of crabs.


The Netherlands is a really surprising country full of flowers, windmills and... knights ! This is the website of the Noorderwind. (website in Dutch)

Believe it or not but I'm somehow the godfather of a fluffy hippopotamus. Find here the wonderful life of Ralph who often travels all over the world and tells us his wonderfull journeys. (website in Dutch)

This website was created by a good old friend of mine. It's about a role playing game in the world of Leiji Matsumoto. (website in French)

Fond of geochemistry ? Addicted to reactive transport modeling ? Here is the website of the lab where I work... for those who are really curious.

Games, toys, tees and wheee... Interesting program isn't it ? My friend Tijn has a wonderful shop and here is its website. (website in Dutch)

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