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I don't pretend to be a professional magician or anything but I just have fun doing and recording these tricks so, I want to share it with you. ^^

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Happy 2009 everyone!

This is a classic 4 cards trick.

Japan Expo Special

Japan Expo is a very large manga and anime fair taking place every year in Paris. I became a regular of the event where I meet many friends of mine but I also like to wander around and look a the numerous fanzines, art books and other goodies created by the large and talented crowd of artists taking part in the expo. This year, in stead of asking for dedications, I asked for 2 or 3minutes of their time to make a short card trick and record it. Here are the results: I hope you'll have as much fun watching then as I had making them.

Card Trick with Paka

Card Trick with Paka

Card Trick with Cept & Morbidou

Card Trick with Chibilou

Card Trick with Laura en Eryn

Card Trick with Maëva

Card Trick with Virak

Card Trick with 'La petite Araignée (Raxxon)

Card Trick with Fahr Sindram

Card Trick with Rann

Card Trick with Morigane Minablue
(Divine Comedie Studio)

Older videos

Can you follow the black aces ?
Cards: Black Viper

You won't get read of these aces...
Cards: Red Bees

Here is a funny small card trick with 4 vanishing jokers... or not ?
Cards: Regular Ghost

Let me just add that don't pretend by any mean to be an outstanding card trick master or anything like this. All the tricks you will find here are classics. I just do this for the fun of sharing one of my interests of the moment. For the same reason, I won't give here any explanation about any trick because I respect people who actually make a living out of this and certainly wouldn't appreciate to see a lame amateur giving away secrets.

List of my decks

I don't really know who will be interested in this but I decided to provide you the list of the decks I'm using. Most of them come from ellusionist. Actually, I heard some critics about their products pointing out that "fancy" cards look suspicious and people can think they are gaffed (therefore they don't see the illusionist as a good performer but rather as a smart prop user...). As far as I'm concerned, cards tricks are just my hobby and this hobby is even more fun if I use card that look cool... and I think my card look cool, don't they ?
Note that the picture isn't up to date anymore, it only shows most of my decks, but not all of them.

All my decks of cards

Decks of Poker sized cards

Decks of Bridge sized cards

Decks not shown on the picture

What about gaffed decks ?
Well, I do have a couple of gaffed or tricked decks but not so many because I'm mainly interested in learning the sleight of hand and having fun with friends with old school impromptu tricks. So, some of the decks on the picture aren't regular one but it's all up to you to guess which ones...

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