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Recipe for a cake with pears and chocolate nuggets

Cake with pears and chocolate nuggets Ingredients:

Optional: a hammer

chocolate and hammer 4 fresh pears Should I choose a deadly sin, it would be gluttony... So, here is a simple recipe for a cake with pears and chocolate nuggets. You just have to like chocolate and pears... who doesn't anyway? Actually, the raw fun part of the recipe is the very beginning when you have to make chocolate nuggets. If you ever tried this kind of thing, you know how annoying it is in general. Either you cut your chocolate into pieces with a knife and that's usually a pain, either you just break the squares and end up with identical pieces. Now, here is my trick: hammer the chocolate while it's still wrapped. I'm not kidding, it sounds a bit silly but you'll end up with nice irregular chocolate nuggets. Exactly what you need for this recipe!

chocolate nuggets pears pieces Now, let's move forward, I won't give you any special tip to cut the pears into tiny cubes or the butter into small pieces because I'm fully confident in your skills for that matter. ^^ So, let's take the eggs and separate the white from the yolk. Save the yolk for later and wildly beat the white until you get foam. For the fun of it, you can add some water to your egg white and try to create the largest egg foam ever. It is said that with enough water, one single egg white can produce up to 1 cubic meter of foam when beaten... I admit I never tried... yet... ^^
here are 4 eggsbreak thembeat the eggshere is some foam

Enough cutting, foaming, breaking... let's start cooking for real. Take a nice and large bowl and mix together the yolk of the eggs and the sugar. Add the butter and mix it gently. This will be easier if you leave the butter long enough outside the fridge. You even can warm it up very shortly in the microwave but be careful not to let it melt totally. The mixture should be quite homogeneous when you're done.
eggs and sugarmix the eggs and sugar together

Let's keep on mixing this! Now comes the time of the flour. This shouldn't be too tricky but the next step is a bit more difficult. You have to very softly add the foam make out of the egg white. Use your spatula or your whip with care because you want your egg foam to keep its air bubbles. In the end, your final mixture should feel like a sort of thick chocolate mousse. Probably a very thick one actually but the softer you manage your your mixture to be, the better the cake.

nearly finished ready to put into the oven Slightly butter and oven dish and fill it with the dough, the pears and about half of the chocolate nuggets. Then add the remaining chocolate pieces on the top of your preparation and your dish is ready to spend about 25-30 minutes in a pre-heated oven a 200 degrees. Be careful with this, it's no more than an indication. My oven isn't reliable and I'm not very sure about the baking time with a properly working oven. So, be careful and check regularly your dish. In the end, it should look like the picture at the top of the page and taste pretty nice.
Enjoy this recipe and feel free to modify it and/or comment it as usual.

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