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Recipe for beef with pineapple

Beef with pineapple Ingredients (roughly per 2 persons):

4 fresh pears I wanted to add a recipe with beef and pineapple on my website since day 1 because it's one of my favorite dish. In fact, I'm a beef and pineapple addict and my 3rd addiction would be salmon but it's unfortunately hardly possible to combine all those 3 in the same dish (if you managed, mail me!). Anyway, I had the chance lately to go to a restaurant where they had very nice presentation for their beef and pineapple so I decide to do the same, take pictures and share this with you (chritmas gift, no need to thank me folks ^^). By the way, let me add that I usually also use black mushroom and bamboo shoots so take this recipe as a baseline on which you can improvise (but just keep in mind that salmon doesn't work). Also feel free to prepare rice or noodles depending on your taste to go with your dish.

slice the beef cut the mushrooms So, let's begin with cutting, slicing and cutting again! Cut the onion into small (but not too small) pieces, slice the beef and, for good measure, cut the mushrooms as well. I personally prefer them cut and not sliced for this dish but that's just me. You can let your beef 'rest' for a while in some soja sauce before preparing the dish if you have time (Yeah, I know I should write this a the top of the recipe but you shouldn't read this only 10 minutes before cooking either). Now, you can have fun with the pineapple that you have to empty with care. You have to do this with care because you don't want to make a hole in the skin to prevent a leak when you'll pour in the sauce and you don't want to butcher the flesh of the fruit so that you can make pretty looking dices out of it. Hopefully the following picture may help you...
here is the pineapple open on the sidestart emptying itFinish it off with a spoonand make dices with the flesh

Now let's start the wok party! If you don't have a wok, use a large frying pan but, seriously, you don't know the fun you miss. And, just on a side note, if you plan to eat rice with your dish, start warming some water now because you only have about 20-25 minutes of 'woking' before being ready to eat.
First, put the dices of pine apple in the wok, some oil, a bit of water and a bit of sugar (half a tea spoon). Be careful and don't let the pineapple attach to the pan and, after about 10 minutes, it should look a bit brownish with come caramel on the edges of the dices.
Fry the pineappleAdd some water and sugarYour pineapple gets fried
When it looks like the previous picture, add the onion and then the mushrooms. Your personal tastes should have the last word here but I usually let the onions long enough to have them well-cooked while I prefer my mushrooms to be just cook enough... I know I'm not clear and this doesn't mean much so, let's say that you do this the way you like but just don't burn anything, ok? Ultimately, it should look roughly like one the pictures underneath. You can also add some herbs or spices and you should add two tea spoons of soja sauce. Then add a bit of water some flour to make your sauce thicker.
Fry the onionsFry the mushroomsAdd some soja sauce
Now, you're just left with the beef but don't mess up with it! Of course you don't want you meat to be raw but it really shouldn't be overcooked in a dish like this one. So add all the beef at once in your preparation and mix constantly to make sure that all the slices are being cooked. You'll see that, after just 3-4 minutes, your beef should turn brown and then... your meal is basically ready! Now you can put your preparation in your empty pineapple and figure out that everything won't fit (which is quite logical when you think about it). So, the rest can go directly on a plate but, seriously, it still looks cool isn't it?
Fry the beefDon't let the beef too longBeef_with_pineapple

The dish is ready The final result should look like the picture on the left but you can also try fried noodles in stead of rice, it definitely does it for me! I hope you'll have a lot of fun with this recipe and, belive me, it tends to be quite succesfull when you invite friends over. Don't be afraid to tweek it a bit, I honestly never do this exactly the same way twice in a raw (which explains a bit why the text is a bit chaotic but I think the pictures are a pretty good guideline anyway ^^).

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