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Dr. Goulven Gildas Laruelle

Post Doc at Utrecht University



Dr. Goulven G. Laruelle

Department of Earth Sciences - Geochemistry
Faculty of Geosciences, Utrecht University
P.O. Box 80.021
3508 TA Utrecht, the Netherlands

Phone +31 (0)30 253 3264
Fax +31 (0)30 253 5302


Current Research

"Modeling Nutrient dynamics in the coastal waters of Jeddah."

Short Curriculum Vitae


Bernard C. Y., Laruelle G. G., Slomp C. P., Heinze C. Impact of changes in river nutrient fluxes on the global marine silicon cycle: a model comparison. Biogeosciences 7 441-453, 2010.
Dürr H. H., Meybeck M., Hartmann J., Laruelle G. G., Roubeix V. Global spatial distribution of natural river silica inputs to the coastal zone. Biogeosciences Under revisions.
Laruelle, G. G., Regnier P., Ragueneau O., Kempa M., Moriceau B., Ni Longphuirt S., Leynaert A., Thouzeau G. and Chauvaud L. Benthic-pelagic coupling and the seasonal silica cycle in the bay of Brest (France): New insights from a coupled physical-biological model. Marine Ecology Progress Series 385 15–32, 2009.
Laruelle G. G., V. Roubeix, A. Sferratore, B. Brodherr, D. Ciuffa, D. J. Conley, H. H. Dürr, J. Garnier, C. Lancelot, Q. Le Thi Phuong, J.-D. Meunier, M. Meybeck, P. Michalopoulos, B. Moriceau, S. Ní Longphuirt, S. Loucaides, L. Papush, M. Presti, O. Ragueneau, P. A. G. Regnier, L. Saccone, C. P. Slomp, C. Spiteri, P. Van Cappellen. The global biogeochemical cycle of silicon: role of the land-ocean transition and response to anthropogenic perturbation. Global Biogeochemical Cycles. 23 GB4031, doi:10.1029/2008GB003267, 2009.
Pasquer B., Laruelle G., Becquevort S., Schoemann V., Goosse H. and Lancelot C. Linking ocean biogeochemical cycles and ecosystem structure and function: results of the complex SWAMCO-4 model. Journal of Sea Research 53, 93-108, 2005.

Ph.D. research in Utrecht

"Quantifying nutrient cycling and retention in coastal waters at the global scale."
Supervisor: Dr. Caroline Slomp, Promotor: Prof. Dr. Philippe Van Cappellen

My Ph-D is part of the Utrecht University funded G-NUX Project which aim is to develop spatially-explicit, process-based models of particulate-bound and dissolved nitrogen and phosphorus fluxes along the terrestrial water cycle and at the land-ocean interface. This project involves the Departments of Physical Geography and Earth Sciences – Geochemistry. My particular task consists in the development of generic, regional coastal zone models to assess the impact of human-induced changes in riverine and groundwater nutrient inputs on regional coastal nutrient and carbon cycling. This work involves the definition of a global typology for coastal waters and the elaboartion of generic box models Those two tasks are currently my main activities in collaboration with Hans Dürr from the Physical Geography department.

Selected Conferences and Presentations


Laruelle, G. G., Dürr H. H., Bernard C., Slomp C. P., Middelkoop H., Meybeck M., Nitrogen and Phosphorus in the proximal coastal zone and its impact on acoeanic nutrient cycling. ASLO Aquatic Sciences Meeting, Nice, France.

Laruelle G. G., Dürr H. H., Van Kempen C., Slomp C. P., Middelkoop H., Meybeck M., Biogeochemical processes in the global coastal zone: a typology-based modeling approach. COST735 special session at EGU, Vienna, Austria. (invited oral presentation)
Laruelle G. G., Dürr H. H., Van Kempen C., Slomp C. P., Middelkoop H., Meybeck M., Modeling Nitrogen and Phosphorus Retention in the Coastal Ocean at the Global Scale. EGU General Assembly 2008, Vienna, Austria. (invited oral presentation)

Laruelle G. G., Dürr H. H., Slomp C. P., Middelkoop H., Meybeck M. Towards a Global Typology of Coastal Nutrient Cycling Research and Management of Eutrophication in Coastal Ecosystems, Nyborg, Denmark.

Laruelle G. G., Ragueneau O., Thouzeau G., Leynaert A., Chauvaud L., Regnier P. A. G. Benthic-pelagic coupling of nutrient cycles by filter feeders activity in a semi-enclosed marine ecosystem. ASLO Summer Meeting, Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

Laruelle G., Pasquer B., Gypens N., Goose H., Lancelot C. Linking ocean biogeochemical cycles and ecosystem structure and function: results of the complex SWAMCO model. European Geophysical Society (EGS), Nice, France.
Pasquer B., Laruelle G., Levu B., Lancelot C. Modelling coccolithophorids blooms. European Geophysical Society (EGS), Nice, France. Poster.

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